THE EXPERT OPINION   >>Переклад українською дивіться тут<<

This is what the experts told us, 'worts and all'.

Comments from a highly experienced Consultant in Prehospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) and Clinical Service Lead 

Overall: the Rhino Rescue bleeding control kit is 100% fit for purpose and I would highly recommend it given its quality and amazing price. 

Trauma scissors: these are excellent, and I really like the integral clip on the handle, I’ve not seen this before! Very neat.

​​​​​​​Chest seals: the packaging for this item is tight and I think that this makes the adhesive gel spill over the edges so that when you open it the chest seal the gel gets on your hands, the seal needs careful deployment as its very sticky.

 - Medcellar Comment: This feedback has been sent to the supplier, but in the meantime, at least we know they stick!

Tourniquet: this is a very high-quality product indeed - similar to the CAT. As a comparison, a single CAT Tourniquet [Orange GEN7] costs £34.95!

Packaging: The Rhino Rescue bleeding control kit packaging is robust but quite bulky - it could be vac sealed thus dropping the pack size considerably. It’s worth noting that the outer packaging would expand and burst at high altitude, so vac sealing would mitigate this. I could see users breaking down the outer packaging to help pack stuff away more efficiently in their kits. 

 - Medcellar Comment: This observation is unlikely to affect people using the products on at ground level, but the feedback has been sent to the supplier, and for future orders, the outer packaging will be vacuum sealed.  However, some of our kit configurations do require us to open some outer packages to add or remove items. The inner packaging is and will remain vacuum sealed though.

Instructions: I found the instructions a bit too small to read and quite wordy - not sure if this is important in your assessment, but a person picking this up for the first time would not find this kit easy to navigate using the instructions provided. 

 - Medcellar Comment: This feedback has been sent to the supplier. We may develop an edited version with a Ukrainian translation in future, but for now will work on the basis that users will likely already have had some training in the use of similar products.

Comments from a serving and very highly experienced British Army combat medic

The team and I went through all the items bit by bit.

 - This kit seems ‘spot on’; it’s genuinely on par with what we have.

 - Haemostatic dressings are only as good as the user, and it is the pressure on the wound that does the bulk of the work in stopping the bleed, but this haemostatic gauze plus the two packs of regular gauze should be ‘sound’.

 - This kit will stop a bleed.

 - We had about 5 or 6 goes with the Tourniquet and it seemed fine.

 - Better to have a cheaper version that does the job on the line, than to not have the ‘Gucci version’ because it’s too expensive.


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